Success Stories

Dancing Again

As a dance teacher I commonly have various issues that arise in the way of pain etc. I have visited many different professionals over the years, and although they have all been helpful, none have had the same lasting effect as Matrix Repatterning. I was treated by Kim Clarke over approximately 5 visits, and the issue I was having with my hip has not returned. I would highly recommend Matrix Repatterning to others.

Stephanie Pilley-Correia
Vision Dance Academy
Newmarket, ON

Truly Unbelievable Results

I am a 41 year old self-employed person who enjoys playing many different sports. However, I experience loads of ankle, knee, back, neck, toe and arm problems. Matrix was a God sent gift to me, restoring not only my chronic pains but any sudden injuries that have occurred. I have tried many things in life such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists. The results were mixed and my problems always seemed to reoccur. With just a few visits here and there to the Matrix team, I can honestly say that you guys are light-years ahead of all these practices. The results have been immediate and permanent. Truly unbelievable results!

The issues and concerns that have brought me to Matrix Wellness Solutions include the following:

  • A sprained jammed wrist, which was fixed in less than 10 minutes
  • A badly strained back, which was fixed in a few sessions
  • Tennis elbow, which was fixed in a couple of sessions
  • Chronic knee problems, which were fixed in 3 or 4 sessions
  • My large toes were unable to move, making walking or running impossible. I had been treating this problem with other methods for 8 years but at the Matrix Solutions it was fixed within 3 or 4 sessions including laser treatments.

Marco Bortolussi
King City, ON

A Golfer Improves

I developed knee, hip and low back pain and stiffness, due to several falls and sports injuries in my youth, which used to interfere with my golf game. I would be in pain after only 1 round, and I knew that I was not hitting the ball as well as I could. After 4 sessions of Matrix Repatterning, I can turn more fully through my hips, and now I hit the ball straighter and farther than ever before. I have improved to the point that I can play 2 full rounds in a day with absolutely no pain!"

George H,
CEO, Ontario Lung Association

Enyoying Our Golden Years

Thank you so much for developing the Matrix Repatterning procedure, which has alleviated a lot of pain and suffering for us both. We have spent needless years experiencing reoccurring back pain, hiatal hernia problems (gastro-esophageal reflux), migraine headaches, as well as dropped bladder discomfort and prostate-related issues.

Your procedures, in a few gentle treatments, has resolved these problems and others too numerous to mention. We can now get on with enjoying our life in our "golden years".

William and Lorraine P.

How to Stay in the Game

Injuries are a common occurence in my sport. Matrix Repatterning® treatments get me back in the picture without missing valuable training and competition. I can feel the beneficial effects of treatment immediately and I am confident that my body can remain in the best possible condition despite the punishment I put it through.

James Foster
Professional Snowboarder,
Tignes, France

Myself Again

I had suffered a concussion due to an automobile accident approximately 4 years ago. This was along with a series of concussions and traumas to my head from sports. The symptoms that I had been suffering were beginning to become debilitating....affecting my day to day life, my ability to concentrate, focus, my personality, anxiety, and depression.

Through a stroke of luck, while shopping at Natures Emporium one day... Matrix Repatterning therapy was suggested to me by a homeopathic doctor. Although initially very skeptical, I was at the point where I would try anything!

After my first session, I could not believe the immediate relief I felt from my state of confusion, fogginess, lack of concentration, balance issues,...... I had CLARITY!!! It was like I had stepped out of a STORM and into CALMNESS.

Another few session’s uncovered restrictions / traumas throughout my body and aches & pains I have had for years have seemed to have disappeared! A very sore knee, from a football injury in high school is now non-existent.

I truly cannot fully express my gratitude to Kim Clarke and the relief/solutions Matrix Repatterning treatments has brought me!

I would wholeheartedly RECOMMEND it to ANYONE!

Paul Pappas
Newmarket, ON