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What is Matrix Repatterning?

Matrix Repatterning is a profound form of manual (hands-on) therapy, which is applied to the deeper, denser parts of the body, such as the skeletal framework (bone) and the dense fibrous tissues (fascia) associated with the internal core structures. Areas of injury and strain may be precisely located based on an alteration in the mechanical and electrical properties within these tissues. Treatment involves the application of gentle pressure in order to release tissue tension, which can facilitate the restoration of muscle tone, flexibility, joint mobility and optimal biomechanical function.

Matrix Repatterning restores structural balance, eliminates pain and improves overall health by resolving the problem at the source – literally at the cellular and molecular levels.

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What is RiboCeine Technology?

Riboceine Technology provides a groundbreaking molecule that is scientifically proven to deliver the missing piece responsible for effective Glutathione production.
RiboCeine™ is the Glutathione Solution

Glutathione is our Master Anti-Oxidant, Master Detoxifier and most powerful Immune Enhancer.

Our cells are constantly exposed to harmful stressors including; pollution, chemical toxins, radiation, poor diet, physical exertion, lack of sleep and more. The constant exposure to these stressors results in an increase of free radicals and can damage cells, proteins, and DNA by altering their chemical structure. Glutathione is produced naturally in every cell of our body and neutralizes many different types of free radicals and protects the body against oxidative stress on a Cellular Level.

Our glutathione levels decline as we age. It is difficult to raise your glutathione levels because taken orally this molecule is too fragile to survive the digestive tract. Riboceine once again is the solution.

Riboceine Technology has been able to demonstrate significant improvement in: energy, mental focus, sleep, athletic performance and recovery while significantly decreasing inflammation which is largely responsible for most ailments and conditions from aches and pains to disease.

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What is the Newest in Silver Technology?

Structured Silver is the first alkaline and most effective form of silver ever!
It is nature’s finest germ killer yet at the same time it is non-toxic to
healthy cells and WITHOUT side effects.

Not only can Silver save a life, it can prevent significant hardship. Silver is the most precious metal during a crisis and is a must for any First Aid Kit for the home, office or traveler.

Structured Silver can have a significant impact in the areas of prevention, first aid and treatment of many health conditions for you and your entire family, including your pets.

Bug bites, pink eye, diaper rash, cold sores, acne, bad breath, gum disease, athletes foot, wound healing, burns, symptoms of Menopause, strep throat, ear, bladder, infections including Epstein-Barr virus, MRSA and Staph, E. Coli and Salmonella, IBS/Crohns, Lyme disease, Malaria and Prostate Disease to mention a few of the hundreds of uses.

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